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NOLA Mardi Gras Costumes Museum 2018

NOLA is New Orleans, Louisiana. I tagged along with my wife, who was attending a conference there. While she was at her conference, I visited several tourist spots. One of the highlights of NOLA for me was the Mardi Gras Costumes Museum. If you go there, do not be discouraged by the small size of the place. Do take the guided tour. The man in the picture you see first is of one of the oldest Mardi Gras street performers. Our guide was truly dedicated to Mardi Gras history and culture. I learned much about Mardi Gras from her. I was amazed to learn what it means to the people who participate in it, especially people of different races. In Mardi Gras, there is Catholic Christianity, there is Voodoo, and also other social causes. This history is one of human triumph over all kinds of prejudices, including religion.

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She was our guide

You probably expect these

But would you expect this?

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